There are many great organizations devoted to protecting pollinators and promoting the creation of pollinator places. 

The following are a small selection of the valuable resources offered by these organizations.

Free Guide to Attracting Pollinators

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Free Guide to Building a Pollinator Garden in a Small Yard

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Free Print your Own Pollinator Garden Signs

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Free Pollinator Smartphone App

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Milkweed Seed Finder

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Free Pollinator Planting Guides by EcoRegion

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Free 6 page Monarch Plant List

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Download a Free Poster

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Bee Identification Guide


Monarch Rearing Guide


A Guide to Raising Monarchs


Other Valuable Resources


Free Guides to Finding your local Native Plants

National Wildlife Federation -

Pollinator Partnership -

Xerces Society -

Plant Native -


Plants and Seed Packets for your Pollinator Garden


Native Plant Podcast


National Organizations devoted to Protecting Pollinators

Pollinator Partnership –

The Xerces Society -

Homegrown National Park -

Pollinator Friendly Yards -

Native Plant Podcast -

National Pollinator Garden Network -

Audubon Society -

All about Monarchs

World Wildlife Federation -

Monarch Watch -

Monarch Butterfly Garden -

Monarch Joint Venture -


All about Bees

Guide to Native Bees of North America -

Native Bees of North America on Facebook -

Bumble Bee Watch -

Virginia Resources

Virginia Native Plant Society -

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy -

Plant NOVA Natives -

Resources from our Followers

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