This Hanging Bird Pod was handmade from 100% wool.  The hole has been sized and positioned for the following types of birds: Tufted Titmouse, Chickadee, and Wren. It was wet felted and is rain and mold resistant due to the lanolin in the type of sheep’s wool I used. I have Chickadees in my nest for the 2nd year-in-a-row.  The tail of the bird pod simply ties around a branch, and you place it where you can easily see the residences. At the end of the season put on your latex gloves and pull out the nesting materials and store the pod in a cool dry place free from dust. Some of my customers use bird pods as indoor décor. When outdoors for the spring and summer the colors will fade.  This bird pod was made by Sky Artisans in a smoke-free home.


Measurements (inches)

  • Body pod length - 11
  • Body pod diameter - 8
  • Tail length - 31
  • Total length - 42

Large Felted Bird Pod