“Yes, T-Shirt Messages Matter”

Katie McKissick made this bold statement in the pages of Scientific American Magazine (8/6/2013); “Yes, T-Shirt Messages Matter”. She goes on to say that “Images are powerful”. We agree. When you wear a T-shirt that promotes a cause, people pay attention. It not only promotes the cause to others; it says something about you.

At Pollinator’s Place, we believe individuals can make a difference. Our Pollinator’s Place blogs are designed to help people understand the importance of pollinators and the native plants that they rely on. We also talk about things you can do personally in your yards and communities, like plant native milkweed.

Another thing you can do personally is wear the message. There are a lot of great T-shirts on the market that can help you spread the message, but of course we like ours (designed exclusively for Pollinator’s Place). That is why, to help you celebrate Pollinators Week (June 21-27) and spread a powerful message, Pollinator’s Place is offering a 15% discount on our ‘Protect Pollinators’ and ‘Save the Pollinators’ T-Shirts and everything else in our shop this week only. Just use the discount code SPREADTHEMESSAGE15. Visit

Also, be sure to visit to learn about other ways you can celebrate Pollinators Week in your community!

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